Pennies for Haiti

Pennies for Haiti, founded in 2010, is a Florida 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization guided by Christian values. We presently collect donations through Pay Pal from our website and through in-person charity. We want to help the underprivileged. We stride to provide assistance to poor children in Haiti. Many of the orphanages struggle to provide a daily nutritious meal, basic health checkups and educational needs. Following the devastation in Haiti, the need for assistance is overwhelming. We plan to provide a better quality of life to the children of Haiti at no cost to them.

Pennies for Haiti’s mission is to provide hope and a future to the Haitian people. In a place where darkness and hopelessness exists, we want to shine a light for them and provide hope. We are working at our mission one step at a time. Accordingly, the present goal is to provide food to those who have none to eat.

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